Office Lighting

Traditionally, office lighting uses T8/T5 fluorescent lamps, including 2 feet or 4 feet lamps that pair with different fixtures. Nowadays, LED lighting luminaires have been widely used

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Intelligent Lighting(IOT)

One major market trend in LED industrial lighting is how to make LED luminaires intelligent. MEAN WELL is dedicated to designing innovative power supplies

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LED Bulb Lighting

As the traditional halogen bulbs, MR16/AR111 must be used with AC 110V or 230V to AC 12V stabilizers, there may be a problem if not switch to the use of the traditional AC 12V stabilizer.

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Linear Lighting

With the increase on the brightness of LED, common 12V/24V LED Light strip or application on the light strip to be directly driven by constant current mode become very much more diversified

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Indoor/Outdoor Lighting

At present, the usage of LED strips has been quite common and stable. Many indoor indirect lighting or outdoor decorative lighting used LED DC 12V or 24V light strips. MEAN WELL provides

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Downlight Lighting

At present, traditional commercial downlights use CDM ceramic composite metal lamp or HID gas bulb. However, LED luminous efficiency has been optimized to above 150 lm/W.

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Track / Rail Lighting

Track lighting is commonly used for the spotlight on commercial occasions. The main usage is the track with AC voltage is mounted to the ceiling and in combination with fixtures

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